What is UNICEF about?

UNICEF stands for the United Nations Children’s Fund (formerly called United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund). As its name indicates, it is a programme created by the United Nations to protect and promote children’s healthcare, education, equality and rights in countries in need. Thanks to people’s donations, qualified professionals go to the field to help by fighting diseases, providing food, medications and shelters and supporting children and mothers in many other ways.

In this way, UNICEF is a key organisation fighting against children’s inequalities in the long term.

What is the role of UNICEF On Campus Cardiff?

Funded in 2008, UNICEF on Campus Cardiff aims at helping UNICEF in its cause by raising awareness (main goal) and raising money through meaningful events.

What do we do?

We organise different fundraising and informative events throughout the year. Some events are held every year such as the music charity concert, the football 5-aside tournament and the cake sales. Other events follow the different campaigns that have a link with UNICEF.

Why join us?

By joining the UNICEF On Campus adventure, you will contribute to the amazing project that UNICEF is and help children to get the happiness they deserve. Also, being part of the UNICEF On Campus family, you will make friends from all over the world!  Organising events is a lot of fun and you will get to expand your panel of skills and knowledge.

If you want to hold an event with us, we're open to doing a collaboration. Contact us and tell us more about your project.

Where to find us on social media?

On facebook, please find our group called: UNICEF on Campus 2018-2019 Cardiff Uni. 

We hope to be active on there and keep you informed about our most recent activities and drives. So, please join the group. One of the admins of our group will accept your request to join as soon as possible. 

Help fund us here: http://gf.me/u/xjw94j

View Brochure:https://www.flipsnack.com/UnicefCU/unicef-cardiff-uni-brochure.html

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