Pro-Choice Society

In the current state of the world, where bodily autonomy and reproductive rights are still under attack, we are here to provide a safe support network for members as well as all students who have had any issues relating to pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion and/or have been affected by anti-choice protests/activity such as that from CBR UK. Our society advocates for the basic human right to bodily autonomy for pregnant people and supports each individual’s right to choose. 

Our society will host relaxed social events so we can come together as a community to share our feelings and views as well as get support for our previous experiences. Other social events will also be set up that completely takes members’ minds off these sensitive issues; instead giving the opportunity to make new friends and lasting bonds with people who share respectful core values. We would like members to get to know each other so will arrange trips to the cinema or meals out together.

As a society we also aim to spread awareness on legal and medical facts about abortion, miscarriage and pregnancy as well as the importance of access to safe and legal abortion. This awareness will branch out as we intend to hold educational events and to spread awareness across the university and beyond. Additionally, we hope there will be opportunities for members to attend talks from academically robust pro-choice speakers.

We hope to provide a nurturing space in which students have the opportunity to explore ideas, concepts and facts within the pro-choice movement in an environment they know they are free to discuss these with people who support their basic rights.

The Pro-Choice Society will allow members to get involved with the wider pro-choice movement through events and conferences.

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