People and Planet

People and Planet Cardiff is part of a  nationwide radical environmental activism and campaign group. We aim to work with and challenge the university to help people create meaningful and tangible change in their lives and in society.

We will be having our first meeting on Monday 7th of October, at 7:30 in room 4F in the Students Union. There will be some vegan treats and we will be heading to the Taf afterwards! During the meeting, we will be discussing our agenda for the year, which includes the continuation of the Sweatshop Free campaign and the launching of a new environmental campaign. Concerning the environmental campaign, we have not decided yet what it will be and would love to hear any of your ideas.

Recent successes for the Cardiff group include: 
- making the university divest from fossil fuels
- persuading the Vice-Chancellor to commit the University to fighting climate change by signing the Green Education Declaration
- persuading the VC to sign the University into the Workers’ Rights Consortium- a garment factory watchdog
- increasing recycling facilities and helping students to be greener in their everyday lives by providing tools and advice

We also aim to be aim to be as participatory and democratic as possible, so that our members feel empowered to take initiative and do things themselves! We are also non-ideological, in that we welcome contributions from people of any political beliefs, as long as they are committed to collective liberation and the aims of the campaigns we support


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