Green Party Society

Fed up of tuition fees? Climate inaction? Overpriced housing? Inequality? Failing public services? The two-party system? Well don't just get angry - get involved!

We're of course a political society, but we're also a community. Whether you're an eco-socialist or just a nature-loving centrist, we want to build a society where you can get involved in politics, but have a good time doing it. As a member, you can come to Q&As with the leaders of the UK's green politics movement, as well as discussions, workshops, canvassing and national party events. From pub crawls and quizzes to coffee mornings and movie nights, we also run a great range of socials (if we do say so ourselves!) where you can come and meet other members. 

We largely communicate through Instagram, so if you'd like to keep updated with our upcoming events please follow the link on the left. The code to join our WhatsApp group is also in our bio :).


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