Equality Society

We’re a society that has been created to support groups through discussing the inequalities they face, whether that is race, gender, religion or class etc. We hope to bring like-minded people together to discuss different movements and their aims and how effective they have been. We stand in solidarity with other societies and communities at Cardiff University such as the Feminist Society, LGBT+ Society and other groups who aim to promote social equality. It must be stressed that we do not intend to offer alternatives to these struggles but instead discuss the specific movements that emerged from within them (e.g second wave of the women’s rights movement in the US) and how effective these were. Other things we may look to discuss may be, historical and contemporary, rights related literature. We, as a society, will adopt the meaning of ‘freedom of speech’ as adopted by the ECHR, this is a qualified right, any speech that incites hate or intolerance shall not be welcome.

We are a discussion group holding fortnightly meetings on a variety of topics, which will be released in advance.

That being said, everybody is welcome to join, and our memberships are free!

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