Creative Writing Society

Creative Writing Society

Welcome to Cardiff University Creative Writing Society, the home for all things creative writing! We’re a new society with big plans. Our goal is to create a fun, productive, and encouraging community of creative writers within Cardiff University, and we hope you’ll join us!

Whether you’re a seasoned poet studying creative writing as part of your degree or a first-time short story writer, Creative Writing Society is a place to share your work, test out new ideas, and meet great people! Meetings provide an open and judgement-free space to give and receive feedback on work, participate in writing contests, and hang out with other writers. We also do lots of fun activities like attending open mic nights and book talks, cinema trips, and pub socials.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join and membership is free!

Please keep in touch with our Facebook and Instagram pages for upcoming meetings, events, and other fun stuff.

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  • Walk and Write! Tue 15 Oct 2019 - General£0.00