Comedy Society

Comedy Society

The Comedy Society is the home of humour in Cardiff University. We’re here to provide for all your comedic needs, whether you want to perform, write, act or just watch! Our society was awarded runner-up for best small society in 2018 and runner-up best small event in 2017 for our annual International Women’s Day gig, but we’re very humble about it.

Our main aim is to encourage people to try out comedy, in any form you fancy. We understand performing comedy can be a daunting prospect and it’s hard to take that first step, but there’s no better place to start than with us! We provide a fun, friendly atmosphere to try out your ideas and there’s no pressure to get involved and be hilarious straight away, so just come along and have a laugh with us before you start making other people laugh.  

COVID-19 statement: We're currently running online writing sessions every two weeks (Mondays 7pm-9pm) and improv sessions (Wednesday 7pm-9pm) every week with the hopes to do more activities outdoors as lockdown restrictions are lifted. Check out our Facebook page for the events! 

This year we’re offering plenty of opportunities for both prospective performers and those who just want to watch live comedy to get involved:


Stand-up (2020/21 Writing Sessions/Workshops Online - Monday every two weeks 7pm-9pm)

Every two weeks (even weeks) we run online writing sessions where we share ideas for our own stand up comedy and sketches. It is a super welcoming environment where everyone can work on ideas together. We plan to host regular stand-up shows throughout the year for our members to perform in or come and watch. We hope to collaborate with a wide range of societies to create interesting and varied events along with charity collaborations to raise money for good causes; last year we raised over £1200! Our weekly workshops allow members to develop new ideas and work on their material, giving you a chance to discuss new material in a pressure-free environment before trying it in front of a live audience at one of our gigs. We also have great links to the Cardiff comedy circuit if you want to develop your skills further and gig across the city.

Sketches/Improv (2020/21 Weekly Online rehearsals) - Wednesday every week 7pm-9pm)

The society also runs improv sessions online via Zoom which we use to inspire sketch ideas. We want to encourage budding comedy writers and provide a platform for original writing, by staging full length sketch shows or filming sketches. Sketches also allow our members who are interested in comedy acting, directing or filmmaking to develop their skills and try something slightly different to usual stage or film projects. We are hoping to run in person sessions outdoors when lockdown restrictions are lifted so keep checking back for updates!

The society is also open to any type of comedy you want to try, from screenwriting to theatre, and our members have previously produced experimental shows through us, just let us know what you want to do!


Just because we can't be together in person doesn't mean we can't have fun together! We are running fun events via Zoom like quizzes, Netflix parties and online board games such as escape rooms, cards against humanity and murder mystery parties. Let us know if you have ideas you want to try!


The society is not just for comedians, as they’d be nowhere without comedy fans who come to see them perform! So, if you love watching live comedy then our society has plenty to offer you too. We hold regular stand up gigs and sketch shows throughout the year that you can attend, and this year were offering exclusive discounted tickets to our members so you can watch live comedy on a student budget! We regularly go on trips to see other comedy gigs, from small names on the Cardiff circuit to big names when they come here on tour, so there’s something for everyone. Members of the society can also join our Facebook group to get the latest announcements on our gigs and socials; our members love comedy and often tell us about interesting and obscure gigs that you might otherwise miss out on, so it doesn’t hurt to join!


If you’re a non-student and you want to know more about what we do you’re welcome to join our Facebook group and see how you can get involved in comedy, just get in touch with us! Facebook link is on the left side of this page <-

Facebook Messenger Chat

We give updates and events on our Facebook Group (see left of this page) and all our events will be listed there but we also like to keep in touch over messenger chat. To be added to our 20/21 group just find one of the society members below on Facebook and say hello! Or drop us an e-mail Can't wait to meet you!

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