Ancient History

Ancient History

We are the Ancient History society at Cardiff University. We want to make our degree fun and enjoyable for everyone, even if you're not studying ancient history, while providing support for fellow coursemates.

We've all watched 300, Troy and Gladiator (hopefully,) and we want to celebrate the other awesome aspects of this period that have survived millennia, such as the mythological tales and the Olympics. This will be through regular events such as film socials and themed club nights. There will be course-based and general knowledge quizzes, as well as bake sales and other charity events.

We plan to go on trips to places such as Roman Baths, the British Museum and local places such as Caerleon. We are also going to invite various speakers to our university as well as provide study sessions to whoever needs them.

Our society is open to all interested in the ancient world, regardless of your degree!

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