Ancient History, Archaeology & Conservation Society


Hey everyone!

We are ANARC (Ancient History, Archaeology and Conservation). We hold weekly socials (drinking or non-drinking) and are a thriving community of Archaeologists, Ancient Historians and Conservationists.
Check out our Instagram (@anarc_cu) and our Facebook (CU ANARC 2022-23) for updates on upcoming events, people we're working with and more!
Looking forward to seeing you all at socials!

Society of the Month, Dec 22:

Huge thanks to everyone who nominated us for Society of the Month in December!
We (the committee), were very pleased to receive this honour, and aim to continue the high standard of events we provide our members.

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  • Ancient History, Archaeology and Conservation Standard Membership£3.00


ANARC GIAG: Cardiff Caffeine Crusade!
4th October 10am - 4pm
Java Jaunt Adventure: Unleash Your Inner Caffeine Connoisseur in Cardiff! 🚀☕