ATMA Society

Welcome to the ATMA Society!


The ATMA Society is committed to the exploration of holistic well-being through the ancient practice of Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of devotion. In Sanskrit, "Atma" translates to the soul, representing the very core of our existence and our individual sparks of consciousness.


Our mission:

At the ATMA society, we would like you to join us on a journey of emotional and spiritual discovery, emphasizing the cultivation of inner joy and deep connection. When putting the timeless truths of yogic principles into action, you can discover personal growth, boosted well-being, and a stronger sense of purpose along the way.


What we do:


Weekly workshops

We host engaging weekly workshops that include insightful discussions based on the Bhagavad-Gita to stimulate the mind. These gatherings also provide nourishing plant-based meals to nurture the body, and incorporate mantra meditation to soothe the soul.


Tackling student life

Recognising the unique challenges students face, we focus on topics such as stress and anxiety reduction, building fulfilling relationships, and navigating our rapidly changing world.




We extend a warm welcome to students from all backgrounds and beliefs who share a curiosity and eagerness to embark on a journey of self-discovery and holistic well-being.


We are also affiliated with The Atma Lounge (@theatmalounge) on Queen Street, and Ty Krishna (@tykrishnacymru) at Cardiff Bay. 


Stay connected with us on social media and feel free to reach out for more information. We look forward to having you as part of our vibrant and inclusive community!






Weekly workshops (meal included) will be priced at £2 for members and £4 for non-members. 


Memberships for the entire academic year will be available for £5 per person.

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  • ATMA Society - Standard Membership£5.00


Mantra Night
10th October 6:30pm - 8pm
SU - Y Plas
Meditation, wisdom, mantra and food!


  • Introductory Session into the Journey of Self Discovery Mon 2 Oct 2023 - Students£0.00
  • Mantra Night Tues 10 Oct 2023 - Students£3.00