MedTech and Innovation Society

Hello everyone, and Welcome to the MedTech and Innovation Society page!


The aim of our society is to identify and tackle problems in healthcare through the collaboration of multiple career streams: healthcare, engineering, computer science, business as well as others. The overarching ethos of our society is for Cardiff University to become an institute of scientific innovation through the promotion of entrepreneurs.


Main Aims and Objectives: 


  • Become a place for students to grow their ideas and be supported 
  • Encourage entrepreneurship amongst students 
  • Bring Attention to the world of digital health and innovation 
  • Provide varied opportunities for different courses involved and collaborate with them 
  • Create a dynamic and fun environment for people to express their passion 


If this interests you, then why not join us on our journey into the extensive world of MedTech! 

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  • MedTech and Innovation Society Standard Membership£1.00