Women in Finance Society

Welcome to the Cardiff University Women in Finance Society.

We are aiming to empower women and all other members of marginalised minority groups at CU to improve our representation in the ultra-competitive world of finance/economics. This society is for all year groups and all subjects (and you don’t have to identify as female to join)!

We are a group that puts on multiple events throughout the year, in an aim to decipher what exactly is finance and further our technical and professional knowledge. It will also be an opportunity to discuss the inequalities we face in the world of finance and share our experiences as women and minority groups - together learning how we can challenge the status quo in modern society and the workplace.

Experience tells us that women often feel inadequate and overlooked in the workplace. So, we believe that by addressing that gap in knowledge and confidence, we can aim to inspire the next generation of women and minority groups to become future leaders of finance.

We are also keen to host socials to improve our members university experience. Enabling like-minded people to meet and improve the overall mental health of our students from marginalised groups in society.

Activities and opportunities include:

  • How to get an internship/placement/graduate scheme
  • How to decide what you want from a career in Finance or Economics
  • Passing professional exams (e.g. ACCA, CII, CISI and CFA etc.)
  • Addressing bullying/sexism/racism in the office
  • Guest speakers from the City
  • Socials (in line with current Covid-19 guidelines). Don't forget your masks!

For more information on our goals and what we aim to deliver to you, please find our constitution here.

If you have any questions or are keen to join, feel free to email any committee member or follow our Facebook Women in Finance page. We’d love to hear from you!

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  • Women in Finance Society Standard Membership£2.00