Miscarriages of Justice Awareness Society

The Miscarriages of Justice Awareness Society aims to serve as a friendly and educational society to all Cardiff University students.

This society aims to inform members about how, when, and why miscarriages of justices occur, with a primary focus on the British Legal System.

We believe this society is important and will benefit all of its members equally as this issue can affect all. Committee members Amy Nuttall, Holly Clark, Ellice Stockford, and Noor Al Sulaiman have undertaken the Miscarriages of Justice Module. Additionally, the majority of the Committee are members of the Cardiff University Innocence Project. We believe this experience will enable us to provide interactive, educational, and informative meetings, allowing every student the opportunity to delve into the system and uncover its flaws and the necessary reforms. We believe doing so is of fundamental importance. We endeavour to produce an exceptional, and most importantly an inclusive, society.

Miscarriages of Justice do not have a set definition but can include wrongful convictions of the factually innocent, acquitting the factually guilty, and victims not receiving rightful compensation. However, there are many unknown facts under this broad subject, and what we as a society would like to achieve is awareness. 

This area of law is not currently getting the attention it deserves. Furthermore, we believe that current global events highlight the need for this society more than ever.

Once you have purchased your membership, please request to join the Private Members Facebook Group, the link can be found on the left-hand side of the screen. Here, you will have the access links to all of our upcoming events. 

Thank you. 

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