Extinction Rebellion Society

Our society is part of the international grassroots movement Extinction Rebellion. We shall be using non-violent forms of protest to and demand our governments, media and organisations act on the climate crisis, which we have less than a decade to tackle. We are calling for the Welsh and UK governments, local councils, media outlets and organisations such as Cardiff University, Cardiff University Students' Union and the National Union of Students to change systemically in response to the climate crisis.

The main objectives, or 'demands', Extinction Rebellion has of those we hold accountable are:

1) Tell the truth about the climate crisis to the public

2) Act Now to reduce biodiversity loss and make the UK carbon net zero by 2025

3) Create a Citizens' Assembly to decide on how to achieve Demand 2

Regardless of your skills, any and all help is valued in Extinction Rebellion. Whether you’re interested in action planning, communications, arts, social media, education, inclusion or the legal side to protests, we’re happy for you to be involved, as we need as many people as possible in the movement against climate and ecological catastrophe. Join now and rebel for life with us!

For more information about the movement and its principles, look here: https://rebellion.earth/

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