Marxist Society

The Cardiff Marxist Society are the Communists on campus and are training the next generation of class fighters in the struggle for revolution. We’re part of the International Marxist Tendency ( and are looking for Communists who want to help build an organisation capable of leading the working class to victory, overthrowing capitalism and achieving global Communism.

If you’re a Communist, then you need to get organised and build the forces of Communism where you are!

As the global crisis of capitalism deepens, the class struggle is intensifying and people are beginning to understand that capitalism offers no way out of the current crisis. With global debt at over $300 trillion, ecological collapse and attacks on the most vulnerable people in society increasing - it is clear to see: the only solution is revolution.

As Communists we educate, agitate and organise. We educate our members in the ideas of Marxism so we can fight back against capitalist ideas, we attend picket lines and demonstrations, we sell our Marxist paper, we find other Communist who want to fight - and ultimately build an revolutionary organisation in Wales, the UK and across the world.

If you want to be a part of a revolutionary organisation and join the fight against capitalism, get involved and join the Cardiff Marxist Society - Join the Communists!

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