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Christian Medical Fellowship



The Christian medical fellowship exists specifically to guide medical, nursing and  midwifery students to serve Jesus in the field of healthcare. Through fellowship, teaching on medical ethics, prayer, and encouragement of one another, the CMF aims to strengthen students: preparing them to face the challenges in healthcare with a biblical approach in accordance with their faith in Jesus Christ. In addition, CMF will aim to build students' confidence to uphold their beliefs whilst working medical profession. The CMF has a separate role to the Christian Union which equips Christian students in evangelism on the university campus.

CMF Core aims:

  1. Discipleship - to unite Christian medical students in Christ and encourage them to deepen their faith.
  2. Evangelism - to encourage Christian medical students to be witnesses for Christ amongst all those they meet.
  3. Mission - to mobilise and support all Christian, medical students and other health care students, in serving Christ throughout the world.
  4. Values - to promote Christian values in society, especially, but not limited to, the areas of bioethics and healthcare.



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