Athletic Union – Our Mission Statement

The Students’ Union and Athletic Union believes that sport plays a significant role in the student experience for a large proportion of the student population of Cardiff University. It plays a role in helping build social and support groups, keeps students active, and most importantly offers a valuable opportunity for individuals to develop themselves.
In supporting and facilitating sport at Cardiff University, the Athletic Union believes there are fundamental principles that underpin the current success and future of sporting provision.

Athletic Union Principles

Sports clubs are run by students, for students.
Students are best placed to take leadership roles in providing student activity. It is this structure that maximises the opportunities for individuals to maximise their personal development.
Sports clubs ‘belong’ to their members.
The membership of a sports club is the rightful owners of a sports club. It is those members who elect their leaders to manage their club on their behalf.
Participative, competitive and performance sport are held in equal regard.
Sport means different things to different people. Competition is important to many students, but should not be the sole indicator of success.
All recognised sports clubs shall be affiliated to the Athletic Union based on the agreed structure.
All shall adhere to the procedures and guidelines laid down by the Athletic Union.

We, as an Athletic Union, commit to the following

Transparency and equality on all matters that are conducted for the students and their clubs.
These could vary from grant applications, to committee elections, all the way through to the tiering system.
A direct line of communication, coupled with an open door policy.
All emails and messages to be responded within three working days, with an open door policy operating through all working hours (9 – 5, Mon – Fri).
Sufficient and appropriate training will always be available to all members.
Most training will be conducted at the start of the academic year, however the open door policy will allow for students to always come in and ask for help when required. 
As an AU, we will be pro-active with setting up meetings and engaging with our students.
This will ensure regular contact with clubs, also allowing the opportunity for the AU staff to offer mentoring opportunities for all committee members.
Create appropriate Policies & Procedures to enable non-restrictive, cost-effective, quality activity.