Tuition Fees

Call to action from your Elected Officer Team

As the UK continues to be in a National Lockdown, it has become increasingly clear that the quality of our educational experience does not live up to their in-person counterparts. We are excited to share that several universities around the UK have joined forces to create the Students United Against Fees campaign (SUAF)

The goal of the campaign is to gain national traction in demonstrating that students are not satisfied with what their universities are offering in these times. We believe that Tuition fees must be lowered and refunded. Ultimately education should be free. Many of you may have signed this petition that will soon be debated in parliament. The next step is joining SUAF - fill in our 1 minute sign up form.

The pressure we are building is working. We must demonstrate a united national front to ensure The Government takes responsibility to refund our fees and support our sector.

SUAF is launching in the next few days through a website and social media. We must all act together, and this campaign will empower students with actions on what you as an individual, and we as students, can do to support the cause. 

Make sure you sign up to our campaign, please fill out the 1 minute form to join the campaign and receive updates. 

There is an opportunity here to make a real difference for the lives of our peers and we must act now.

Thank you.

Your Elected Officer Team 2020-21