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Covid-19 Student Wellbeing

HEFCW Student Wellbeing Grants

A big part of this project was making sure we were explicitly clear with the wider student community on how we are spending this money. Because of this, we have provided a breakdown of our spending so you can see how proactive we have been. If you see any gaps or have any other ideas as to how you’d like this money spent, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

SU Spending

Project Idea Summary Date Status
Christmas wellbeing boxes Provide 150 free wellbeing packs to students staying in Cardiff over Christmas. December Completed
Mental Health First Aid Training Provide free Mental Health First Aid training to students and Students' Union staff. Making the Students' Union a 'safe place' for students/staff with mental health challenges. Aim to support up to 200 students and staff through the accreditation. January / March Ongoing
Mental Health Workshop Deliver a ‘Protecting your Mental Health and Wellbeing’ workshop for 1,000+ students. This workshop would focus on ideas of resilience, protective factors, pillars of wellbeing, the mental health continuum and a healthy life balance. March Early Stages
Wellbeing and Social Packs Further roll out wellbeing and social pack to provide materials and information to students at home. March Early Stages
Online wellbeing classes and talks Develop a series of online events and activities that form a virtual wellbeing calendar. Working with student groups to deliver content that helps students get involved with new activity and meet new friends virtually. February / March Early Stages
LGBTQ+ Wellbeing Packs Deliver 50 packs for LGBTQ+ month February Early Stages