Consent. It's Crucial. #ItsNotOn

Your VP Welfare, Charlotte Towlson introduces her new campaign: 'Consent. It's Crucial' and talks about the importance of sexual consent and her reasoning behind the campaign.

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Consent Campaign

Charlotte Towlson is your VP Welfare 2021-22

Why consent? 

During my time at Cardiff University I have met such a range of people, who all had different characters and interests, which has opened my mind up to things I never thought of before. Getting to know these people has led to many conversations, however, as time passed, I noticed a lack of discussions surrounding sexual consent. This made me think about how student safety is such a big issue (which must be addressed,) and without a proactive approach this won’t be achieved.

I noticed a lack of discussions surrounding sexual consent

Therefore, I decided to create this campaign to promote the awareness of what consent is. Through it, I aim at opening up conversations surrounding consent. Despite sexual consent sounding like such a simple concept, it very often isn’t being put into practice.

What is consent?

Sexual consent is the agreement to partake in a sexual act by choice whilst having the freedom and capacity to make that choice. It’s the most important part of a sexual act and without obtaining consent it becomes rape or sexual assault.

It's time to talk about it.

I’m really passionate about this campaign as I wish to create an open and honest environment where people can talk about their feelings and don’t have to worry about being judged. There are so many occasions where people worry about what they say and whether they’re saying the right thing, but in order to make this change, we have to start talking. So why not start now and start conversations about sexual consent?

In order to make this change, we have to start talking.

It’s really important to open up conversations surrounding consent and make people aware that consent can be withdrawn at any point - it should always be asked for and someone must have the capacity to consent. The more we normalise conversations about sexual consent, the more will it allow us to create a safe and honest environment where people feel comfortable and protected.

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