Gaming Society

Nerd Varsity 2021: Pokemon Showdown Tournament

Gaming Society Discord • Fri 05 March 2021 18:00-23:59

Build the best team to bring your Soc to victory!

You'll be competing in a series of 1v1 matches on the website Pokemon Showdown where you can build your dream team of Pokemon to battle the Nerds! It's going to be hosted on our Discord:

We will be using the Gen 6 OU Ruleset and playing on the website You choose a nickname by clicking in the top right.
To make a team, click on the teambuilder button on the left hand side, click new team, select [Gen 6 OU] in the Format drop down menu under Past Gens OU and then add some Pokemon! 
After that you can give them items, change abilities, pick moves and adjust their stats.

Much like the Among Us event, we have a form which would be epic if you could fill in so we can setup the tournament brackets fairly
Zach will also be streaming the event (Pog) on for any spectators interested!