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Join the Give it a Go Team

Give it a Go would not be possible without an enthusiastic network of passionate student volunteers, committee officers and team leaders who push Give it a Go to new horizons. We're constantly looking for new people to get involved with Give it a Go and the easiest way to do it is to jump in at freshers!

Every freshers we aim to recruit 50 of the most amazing student volunteers we can find to introduce GIAG to new students. This is an amazing opportunity similar to Welcome Crew. Responsibilities include running freshers stalls, guiding city centre tours, taking students on trips around Cardiff, teaching welsh language classes, promoting our day and weekend trips and introducing new students to the Students' Union. 

Volunteers all get:

  • A Give it a Go Volunteer Accredited Certificate.
  • Free Give it a Go clothing. 
  • An extra-degree CV reference from the Students’ Union.
  • Massive opportunities to make new friends.
  • Free food during SU shifts. 
  • A free night out and beach trip on the Union. 
  • Discounted places on GIAG Day Trips 2016-2017
  • The opportunity to apply for a position on the GIAG Executive Committee

Volunteers are asked for:

  • 15 - 20 hours of flexible shift commitment during the freshers fortnight
  • To be available and commit to training on the 12th and/or 13th September 2016.
  • Unbridled enthusiasm and passion for the Students' Union.

Freshers volunteers also have the opportunity to apply for the GIAG Exec and become permanent Team Leaders on the Students' Union day and weekend trips. So if you fancy yourself travelling for free to Amsterdam, Prague, Budapest and Barcelona... details of the Exec are just below. 

Apply to be a Give it a Go Freshers Volunteer

So you want to join Team Give it a Go? Simply fill out the fields below and click submit. The deadline for applications is 7th September 2015. Once you've submitted your application we'll be in touch!

Tell us about any relevant experience you have for this position. (Both connected with the Students’ Union and otherwise)

What other time commitments do you have during Freshers 2016? (Freshers is when the GIAG volunteers are needed to be the most active).

Why do you want to be a Give it a Go volunteer? (Explain in your own words and just be honest).

Would you be interested in applying for the Give it a Go executive committee?

What other regular time commitments do you have term time 2016-2017? (Are you on a club/society committee?

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

You're all done! Click the button below and we'll be in touch.

Join the Give it a Go Exec Committee

The Give it a Go Exec is made up of 15 - 20 GIAG Officers, drawn from the most passionate and committed GIAG Volunteers. They have the dedication and skills to make decisions as to how GIAG should be run. As well as taking on administrative responsibilities, officers are asked to manage and innovate a small number of GIAG activities. They are also to team lead Students' Union Trips, keeping students safe and organising the itinerary. 

Officers all get:

  • To be an upstanding part of the Give it a Go family.
  • A Give it a Go Executive Officer Acredited Certificate, with Millenium Volunteer hours.
  • A CV reference from the Students' Union.
  • More free Give it a Go Clothing and Merchandise. 
  • Discounted places on Give it a Go Day Trips and Weekend breaks. 
  • Access to free skills development and training courses.
  • At least one free trip to Amsterdam, Prague, Barcelona or Budapest.
  • A huge opportunity to make society and club contacts for elections etc. 

Officers are asked for:

  • 3 hours a week admin support on the Give it a Go desk.
  • 1 hour a week General Meeting on Tuesday 6pm - 7pm. 
  • Direct Responsibility for Give it a Go trips/activities.
  • Commitment to a Team Leader course delivered by the Students' Union. 
  • Commitment to learn to drive Union vehicles (optional)

Being on the GIAG Exec is a commitment of at least three hours a week. It's a similar level of commitment to being the President of a club/society committee. We can be flexible with your hours but they will still need to be completed.