The Activities department plays a significant role in enhancing the student experience at Cardiff University. The team facilitate the activity of over 200 societies, 66 sports clubs, 4 sections of student media and our Give it a Go programme. Over 14,000 individual students are engaged in this activity each year which makes the department a dynamic and exciting one to be part of. Extra-curricular activity is a very important part of student life, for both physical and mental wellbeing, and we are extremely proud of the offering we have here at Cardiff University Students’ Union.

All societies, sports clubs and sections of student media are run by students for students. Being part of the committees gives those students the opportunity to learn important life skills, enhance their CV and shape the student experience of their peers. Our team support and guide them through their time as committee members.

The Give it a Go programme provides alcohol-free opportunities, trips, tours and unique events to students. The service is seen as a trusted source of travel for students, working hard to achieve the optimum experience for each student that engages with us. The programme also collaborates with many of our student groups to provide them with an accessible way to try something new alongside their university experience, which is increasingly more crucial to the welfare of our global student population. 

Typical Roles

Give it a Go Coordinator

Offering students the opportunity to try something new, whether it be playing a game of tennis, visiting a prestigious UK landmark or meeting like-minded people in a society, is largely the responsibility of the Give it a Go Coordinator. The role plays a significant part in supporting the mental and physical health of over 5,000 students who engage in the programme annually.

Societies Coordinator

While there is a lot of day to day focus on facilitating the activity of societies through administrative support, this role is very diverse and offers a wide range of experience. This includes major event planning, managing of budgets, leading on committee training and lots of cross-department working.

Sports Club Coordinator

The role is the first point of contact for the majority of our sports clubs that take part in weekly fixtures within the BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sport) framework. They are the link between our teams and those at the opposing universities and ensure all logistics are correct and communicated clearly.



What we're looking for

The Activities department is a dynamic and exciting section of the Students’ Union to be a part of. We play a significant role in shaping the student experience and have an offering to be proud of. We’re looking for people with a knowledge of the Higher Education sector who are committed to support students with their extra-curricular activities. Importantly, candidates who work with us will be good communicators, flexible, approachable and have the ability to react quickly to queries and requests for support from our student groups.