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Our Staff

The Union employs approximately 110 career staff and a further 300 student workers to manage its day-to-day activities. We employ everyone from accountants (Finance), solicitors (Student Advice), to plumbers (Facilities) chefs (Venues), hairdressers (Retail) and letting agents (Cardiff Student Letting). Our staff are led by our Chief Executive and a broader Strategic Management Team.

Senior Staff

Daniel Palmer 

Chief Executive

Daniel became Chief Executive of the Union in June 2013. Daniel is responsible for the day-to-day running of the organisation, oversees the work of the other senior managers and works closely with the Union President and the other sabbatical officers.

Daniel helps ensure continuity within the organisation, works closely with senior staff from the University and takes a particular responsibility for the Union’s Finance Team. Daniel serves as the Chief Executive and Managing Director of the Union’s trading company, Cardiff Union Services Limited and reports to the Board of Trustees.

Prior to his role at the Union, Daniel has held many senior roles within other students’ unions, most recently as Chief Executive of the University of Portsmouth Students' Union.

Ben Eagle 

Director of Operations 

Ben started working for the Union in November 2002, whilst studying at Cardiff University. Ben worked for many years in Events and Entertainments before moving to Facilities and then becoming Director of Operations in March 2014. In 2016, Ben was appointed as Interim Deputy Chief Executive in addition to his role as Director of Operations. 

Ben is responsible for all of the Union’s central and enabling services including HR, ICT, facilities management, capital projects and reception services. Ben is also responsible for Health and Safety and for managing relationships with the Union’s tenants.

Steve Wilford 

Director of Membership Services 

Steve has worked for the Union since April 2008, becoming the Director of Membership Services in September 2013.

Steve is responsible for the Union’s Membership Services and student activities, including Student Advice, Sport, Societies, Volunteering, Student Media, Jobshop, Training & Development and Student Voice.

Steve is also the senior manager responsible for coordinating the Union’s democratic activities including elections and administration of Student Senate.


Full department list and contact details can be found here.