Ethical & Environmental Association

Ethical & Environmental Association

Campaigns that the association will run this year include:

- Introduce more vegetarian and vegan options at the Taf
- Turn advertising screens off outside of working hours in the SU
- Replace disposable plastic cups by reusable ones at the SU (e.g. Y Plas)
- Support the Sweatshop Free campaign run by People and Planet
- Introduce more recycling bins across campus (for batteries, paper, lightbulbs etc.)
- Better regulate heating in libraries and SU meeting rooms
- Organise more talks on environmental and ethical issues ran by specialists on these subjects
- Add more water-saving toilets on campus

We meet on Thursdays, at the Students Union. First meeting will be on the 3rd of October at 6pm.

Looking forward to meeting you!

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Welcome to the Ethical and Environmental Assosciation!

I'm working towards three principal policy goals this year, which I outlined in my manifesto as:

  • Work to encourage divestment from unethial companies
  • Cut waste and reduce emissions
  • Increase cooperation between our campaigning and activist societies



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