Primary School Volunteering

Primary School Volunteering

Due to Covid-19 this project is not currently running.

2020/2021 - If you are interested in a career in teaching and education you can check out the 'Discover Teaching Pathway' which has been put together by Cardiff University Careers and Employability service with input from teacher training providers and current teachers. 

  •  Available online any time
  • Complete interactive online sessions and create a mini video lesson. 
  • Develop your skills, experience, and knowledge, and gain an insight into the teaching profession.
  • Prepare to apply for and begin Teacher Training. 

You can access this by logging in to your Careers Account and clicking on the 'Pathways' tab, and then by selecting 'Discover Teaching'.

About Primary School Volunteering

We have partnered up with local Primary Schools in Cardiff to provide classroom assistant volunteering roles. This project is ideal if you are looking to
gain experience in a classroom, or for those who need to complete set hours for their PGCE. Volunteering as an inclass assistant, you will gain insight into
a classroom environment and the Key Stage 1 & 2 curriculum.

Volunteer activities vary from school to school but can include listening to readers, helping with group work, and helping to facilitate play during school lunch-times. 


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