No Limits Neurodiversity

No Limits Neurodiversity

No Limits is a third sector organisation which supports children and teenagers on the autism spectrum and their families. No Limits provides a range of services and activities which needs help from volunteers. 

At No Limits the Developmental Individual Relationship (DIR) based approach (Otherwise known as Floortime) is used to support the children and teenagers to develop social skills through meaningful experience based interactions. 

Volunteers will help support children and teenagers who access Social Skills groups on a Saturday through 1:1 child led play (Floortime) and support them to join in with group activities such as circle time, parachute games, obstacle courses. During the sessions volunteers support their child to regulate, engage, communicate, problem solve and think independently. Volunteers will receive coaching by an experienced staff member. Formal training in the DIR/Floortime model is also provided.

Cardiff volunteering will be able to pay all of your travel expenses and help you arrange travel up to the center. If you have any questions about any of this please email Cardiff Volunteering.


Level of Commitment: One session every three weeks according to a rota to ensure each volunteer has an opportunity to attend sessions this year. This rota is flexible and works around your availability so will not infringe on exam preparation. 


Application Process

  1. E-mail the Project Co-Ordinator at with a copy of your CV and request an application form. After you have completed the form please return it to the Volunteering email. 
  2. After completing the previous steps and having been successful in your application, you should sort out a DBS form. This step is for volunteers who have not compeleted a DBS form in the last 3 years and for international students. You can find more information here:
  3. Finally, make sure to join the No Limits Facebook group


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