Roundnet Society

Roundnet Give It A Go: Session One

Pontcanna Fields • Tue 01 October 2019 17:00-19:00

Want to learn about the newest, easiest sport you've never heard of? Come down and play some laid back Roundnet - 2 vs 2 miniture volleyball, anyone can learn and anyone can play!

A great way to learn what you might find the most addictive sport you never knew about. is easy to learn, yet hard to master. 

We will teach the basics and let you go learn and play with your friends - all for free!

Pontcanna , will have everything you need for a great evening. Music, friends and a new 'sport' to learn. You to join an Athletic Union Club but can't find the time? Want a friendly bunch to meet up with most weeks?

Come and give Roundnet !