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Cardiff Healthcare International PerspectiveS

The immune system - our unsung heroes

MGLT1F08 • Fri 14 December 2018 18:00-20:00

The evening will deliver a mini-tutorial with the aims of : 1) Tasting the application of science in the context of clinical medicine 2) Encouraging students to read about the science behind medicine and share intercalation experiences.

We hope to bring you two intercalators to share with you some of their insight of immunology in modern clinical medicine, with the aims of:

- Giving you a better insight into intercalation 

- Encouraging you to read the science behind medicine 


Talea Roberts is a 4th year Cardiff medical student who has previously intercalated in Cellular and Molecular Pathology at Cardiff University. Talea had an incredible intercalation year full of varied experiences. This is a wonderful intercalation degree to explore several exciting fields of medicine including; immunotherapeutics and microbial pathogenesis. Talea has spent her early years in medicine gaining important skills in the lab and undertaking projects exploring scientific investigation. Talea has cultivated her obsession with the immune system and its crossover with the fields of infectious diseases and oncology. She hopefully wants to balance the demands of working in an academic field, global health, and clinical medicine in the future. Talea is delighted to be attending the event and hopes that her talk will be useful, enlightening and enjoyable!

Lilian Lau is a Cardiff medical student, who is currently intercalating in Pharmacology at Cardiff University, one of the most exciting BSc in Medicine. Lilian is fascinated by the complexity of clinical trials, the advancements in drug development as well as the mechanisms of Immunopharmacology, which addresses the most fundamental elements behind drug therapy. Since the very beginning of her medical career, she has been actively seeking research experiences (as well as excessive sleeping), which granted her multiple successes in her first year such as poster presentations.

Tim Woo is a Cardiff medical student who has always been passionate about immunology and intends to pursue a career in this field. During his early medical career, he spent time in the laboratory to explore his interests and gain relevant skills. Tim is currently reading a BSc in Immunology and Infections at Imperial College of London. He was also the representative of  British Society of Immunology (BSI) at Cardiff, hoping to share his experience and knowledge about immunology in the context of clinical medicine. 

Sponsor and collaborator: British Society of Immunology, Cardiff University Infectious society 

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