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Coaching Skills Workshop 22/05/19

Skills Hub, 2nd floor,Students' Union • Wed 22 May 2019 14:00-16:00

"Helping others to help themselves, whilst rekindling your own experiences."

When you are coaching, whether you regard it as such or not, you are likely to develop a special relationship with the other person. This unit aims to help you mentor, motivate, and inspire others without harming their self-esteem. It will help develop sensitive skills and techniques so that you can show someone that every little piece of effort is a significant step in leading to greater achievement. This workshop is designed to use your personal effectiveness to help others become effective. “When selecting candidates, we look for people who will have a positive impact on others.” (Ed Fox, Barclays Bank).

Part of the CPD in Personal Effectiveness.

Bookings open 2 weeks before event date.