Join the Give it a Go Executive Committee

Applications to join the Give it a Go executive committee will open after freshers. To join the welcome team, please go to

The Give it a Go Executive Committee is drawn from the most passionate and committed individuals, striving to contribute to and enhance the student experience. They have the dedication and skills to make decisions that help the Give it a Go programme evolve, whilst contributing to student activities as a whole. As well as taking on administrative activities, as a team Give it a Go Exec members lead Students’ Union Trips, keeping students safe and organising incredible itineraries where appropriate.

This is a great opportunity to get involved with the Students' Union at a depeer level, open the door to further opportunities and will look fantastic on your CV!

The Give it a Go Exec have gone on to become wonderfully successful, with members becoming sabbatical officers, student trustees of the Students’ Union, Alumni Relations staff for Cardiff University and even working in PR in London. An experience like this gives you a dynamic role to grow and develop as well as helping to enhance the student experience.

What is the commitment?

Being on the Give it a Go is a commitment of at least 3 hours a week. It’s a similar level of commitment to being the President of a club/society committee, with flexible hours. Give it a Go Exec members will have:

  • Direct responsibility for 3-4 Give it a Go trip/activities each semester
  • 2 hours a week or admin support on the Give it a Go desk 
  • Attendance at General Meetings, approximatley one hour a week
  • Commitment to a training program organised and delivered by the Students' Union
  • Commitment to learning to dive Union vehicles (optional) 


What will you gain?

As well as a fantastic opportunity to get involved with us and the Students’ Union, gaining skills and experience you will also gain:

  • A place as an upstanding member of the Give it a Go family. 
  • The chance to take the Diploma Of Professional Development (DPD) in Leadership for free
  • A CV reference from the Students’ Union. 
  • More free Give it a Go clothing and Merchandise. 
  • Free leader places on Give it a Go Day Trips 
  • Access to free skills development and training courses including first aid training arranged and supplied by the Students' Union.
  • Socials throughout the year
  • A huge opportunity to make society and club contacts for elections etc.

Selection Process 

There is a lot of competition to gain a place for the Give it a Go Exec, and we are looking to recruit no more than 20 students to join us. Please do not let this level of competition put you off applying though, as we welcome applications from any students who are passionate about making a change and helping fellow students get the best out of their time at university.

To apply you need to provide detailed answers to the questions below. The deadline for the submission of applications is Monday 1st November 2021  at 9am.

If you are successful at the application stage you will be invited to attend a short, informal interview. 

Executive Committee Application Form

Complete this form and we’ll be in touch. The deadline for the submission of application is Monday 1st November 2021  at 9am.

Full Name 

Student Number 

What course do you study? 

Year of Study: 

Mobile Phone Number: 

University Email Address: 

Personal Email Address: 

Do you have a valid UK drivers licence? 


What skills and experience do you have that will help you engage with this role?


What kind of benefits do students gain from activities (Day trips, Society events etc), and what could the Students' Union do to promote these benefits more?

Do you have any other commitments? 

Thank you for your time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a paid position?

This isn’t a paid role – you would, however, become an expert in the Students’ Union and have a much greater understanding of all the various paid opportunities from the SU through the year. You will also gain and develop a vast number of skills which will help boost your overall employability. Because of this, being on the Exec is a huge investment in yourself.

When are Exec interviews?

Interviews will be held between 9am - 5pm during the week, at a time that suits you. 

How will permanent shifts be allocated?

We will talk to you when you have your timetable and find a slot that works for you consistently every week.

Can I manage this commitment?

Previous Execs have had no problems managing the commitments. We ensure commitment reduces well before exams and large coursework deadlines. You should, however, be aware of committing to too many big projects, clubs, and societies at once.


If you have any questions we’d love to hear from you, feel free to email Karl, our GIAG Coordinator at


Thank you for your time – best of luck!


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