Volunteering Exec

Volunteering Exec

This year Cardiff Volunteering is looking to set up a Volunteering Executive committee! We need a group of dedicated, enthusiastic and creative volunteers who want to help make what we do in Cardiff Volunteering even better.

The Volunteering Executive Committee will be the student face of Cardiff Volunteering, and ensure that we are truly student led. The Exec will work closely with our staff team to design and promote the range of volunteering activities that are on offer. 

The responsibilities of the Volunteering Executive Committee fall into three key areas:

Promotion: Promoting and supporting the key Cardiff Volunteering events throughout the year. This could include helping us create and share advertising on social media and manning information stalls.

Recruitment: Recruiting volunteers through awareness raising events and activities. This is closely linked to promotion and will include helping us man stalls in various fairs and acting as an ambassador for Cardiff Volunteering.

Representing, Liaising & Socialising: Liaising with volunteers and project leaders, representing their views and achievements, and leading the social activities of Cardiff Volunteering volunteers.

2020-2021: This year the key role of the Volunteering Executive Committee will be to support the Volunteering Coordinators in providing fun and engaging social opportunities to help promote a sense of community among our volunteers. In these unpredictable times we want to ensure that all of our volunteers feel supported and we want to offer more fun informal events for volunteers to join in with. The Volunteering Exec will be expected to help us host events and will be given the opportunity to develop and deliver your own virtual social activities.   

We are looking for the keenest of beans, the most dynamic of individuals and those oozing fun and ingenious ideas to join us on this exciting journey – if this sounds like you then what are you waiting for –apply now!

View the Person Spec here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FJqcueYvIxv3x0tEsP7lOw1kGX2Iux6zJijEClIrdn0/edit#

Please note we anticipate more applicants than spaces available so there will be an interview process for this role.

The deadline for applications will be 12:00 noon on Friday 9th October. 

Once you have signed up through the website you will be sent an application form to be completed and returned by 12:00 noon on Wednesday the 14th October, and virtual interviews will be held on Thursday 15th and Friday 16th.

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