Sports Massage Therapist Service

Sports Massage Therapist Service

This project will not be running this year. 

This scheme is designed to provide student practitioners studying Sports Massage with a resource to help them gain the necessary 100 hours of voluntary practice in order to complete their course. It will also serve the dual purpose of giving Cardiff University students access to free Sports Massage Therapy, with the understanding that the student practitioners providing the service are not yet fully qualified.

To take part in this scheme both service providers and users will need to fill out their profiles detailing certain relevant information which will help to ensure that members of the scheme can more easily find the experience or massage therapy they are seeking.

If you are a student practitioner studying Sports Massage you can apply to be a provider below. In order to become an approved volunteer you will then need to fill out your profile and provide evidence to the Cardiff Volunteering team or Heath Park Coordinator that you are enrolled on the Sports Massage module, and that you have purchased insurance cover through the Sports Massage Association. Once approved your profile will appear on the Service Provider page and service users will be able to view your profile and use your preferred contact details to arrange an appointment with you.

If you would like to sign up to use the service, your profile will be made available to providers and you will be able to view the profiles of service providers in order to find a student practitioner who is seeking experience relevant to you. You will be free to contact the student practitioners using the contact details they have provided on their profile. Before you receive a massage you will be required to sign an informed consent form with the following disclaimer,

 ‘Prior to booking a massage with the named person I confirm that I understand that the students named on this site are student practitioners studying Sports Massage.  I expect to receive a full explanation of techniques to be practiced and the body part on which they are to be applied. I understand that I am not receiving treatment for any particular problem or condition and know of no reason or contraindication that I may not be practiced upon. I therefore give my permission for them to proceed and/or write/refer to my GP or other healthcare practitioner’

The sports massage must take place on univeristy grounds at one of the following locations, 4th floor Cathays SU, or at the Heath in the TDS. 

The Sports Massage Therapist Service webpage is coordinated by Cardiff Volunteering and Cardiff University Students’ Union. For any website related queries contact

This scheme has been set up with the support of the Undergraduate Physiotherapy Programme management team. If you wish to complain, or have grounds for concern about any aspect regarding how you are treated during this scheme then please contact the Undergraduate Physiotherapy Programme team on

By singing up as a user of this service you understand that your profile will be made available to service providers and the details that you put on there will be visible to them.

By singing up as a provider of this service you understand that your profile will be made available to service users and the details that you put on there will be visible to them. You will also need to come into the Cardiff Volunteering office to have your provider details approved.


Sorry, there are no memberships available to purchase.