This project is currently not active however if you are interested in helping to start up a RAG project then please email volunteering@cardiff.ac.uk

Welcome to RAG: a student led service which is passionate about raising money for local charities whilst having as much fun as possible! 

RAG (raising and giving society) aims to raise money for local charities through the organisation of fundraising events, primarily based at the Heath Campus. These events are open for all students to participate in and volunteer for. 

Our main event is called RAG Activities week which is held in October. This involves a week of fancy dress for both students and staff with a different theme every day. There is also a midweek fair consisting of silly games, food stalls and a festival atmosphere. 

Open to everyone, RAG is really fun and rewarding to be involved in. It gives you the opportunity to develop skills in event organisation, marketing, digital design, social media and financial management which all look great on the CV, all whilst helping worthy causes. Check out our social media or drop us a message for more information. 

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