Puppy Power

Puppy Power

You will volunteer at a local dog’s rescue centre (Hope Rescue) as a member of the Laundry Club

Hope Rescue need volunteers this year for their new Laundry Club.

The rescue centre gets through lots of wahing and it is hard for the staff to keep on top of with alongside the day to day care of the dogs. Laundry Club volunteers will help staff with the sorting, washing and drying of bedding from 10am to 2pm every day. 

Whilst not a hands on role with the dogs you will still get to see the lovely dogs and be part of the Hope Rescue volunteer team. You can volunteer for a minimum 2 hour shift any day of the week but the rescue centre are looking for a weekly commitment. 

To join the club complete an online application here:  http://bit.ly/LaundryClub


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