Mislif = Menstruation in Welsh

This project will be running in some capacity this academic year. 

A wonderful student lead project running donation points for sanitary products for local people in hardship - such as people who are homeless/ refugees / in family shelters. These donation points are in and around Cardiff, the University buildings and the SU. There are numerous volunteering roles, such as social media, organising pick up and deliveries of the donations, guidance with the project, and eventually, assist in lobbying the government to provide funding for sanitary products for people in hardship. 

A friendly and welcoming group of volunteers, so come join in and lend your expertise to a much-needed cause!

Sign up below to get invovled. 

Exciting new role opportunities

In collaboration with VP Welfare, we will be working towards tackling period poverty and ensuring dignity for all among the campus. We need volunteers to help the campaign by doing things such as distributing products, running social media outlets, blogging products for us, raising awareness, and fact-finding, if this sounds like you, please sign up below for free and give volunteering@cardiff.ac.uk an email.

We are also working with current students and educational organizations to provide interesting workshops about all things mislif!

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