Marketing Crew

Marketing Crew

The Marketing and Communications Department at Cardiff University Students’ Union are looking for a group of enthusiastic students to join their Marketing Crew. This is a great opportunity to volunteer and play a key role in marketing Students’ Union services and campaigns.

You would be involved in face to face promotion across campus of the campaigns, events and services offered by the Students’ Union, as well as giving feedback about past and current campaigns, and putting forward your ideas for future marketing campaigns. As part of the Marketing Crew, you would also assist in delivering market research events in and around the Students’ Union. 

A huge part of the role will be going out and gathering feedback from students
face-to-face. So if you’re a confident communicator and aren’t afraid to get out there and approach people, then you’ll be a perfect addition to the crew. For any students interested in a future career in the marketing or communications field, this is a great opportunity for you and would look great on your CV. 

Prospective employers love to see relevant experience and are drawn to candidates who have shown initiative, especially those who have experience in communicating with others. All volunteers will be eligible to undertake the Diploma of Professional Development in Leadership.

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