Make a Smile

Make a Smile

Welcome to Make a Smile! 

We believe that all children deserve a childhood and understand that illness or disability can make this very difficult for some children.

Our goal is to help these children to enjoy their childhood. We endeavour to be professional, forward-thinking and well trained but hold at the forefront of our practice that fun is the number one priority for both children and volunteers. 

There are three different volunteer roles available for this project:

  • Character - attending events, playing games and interacting with the children as a character
  • Magic Maker - attending events, playing games and interacting with the children out of character. Often act as supporting staff. (good jumping pad to becoming a character)
  • Imagineer - an underrated role; not attending events but helping with the general running of the project, organising events and helping with costumes etc. (great for anyone short on time or not wanting to attend events)

This project is run with the help of the Make A Smile committee and there are currently five positions available if you would like to take a leading role in this wonderful project.

For more information, check out our website here:

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