Living with Aspergers: Law Group

Living with Aspergers: Law Group


A project specifically for law students to get involved in research, gaining insight into disabled rights, the Equality act, and the law when dealing with accessible formats for people with learning difficulties. This will require a certain level of commitment, however there will be further opportunities going forward for those that clearly have a passion for involvement. 

You will take on some casework given to you by the organisation and then attend drop in sessions held at the Student's Union to help you work on the cases. It's an amazing opportunity to work on actual cases and to help make a difference with them. 

level of Commitment: Once a week during term time, not including exam period 

Activities available:

Easy Read Scheme: This scheme gives volunteers the opportunity to design and create Easy Read documents for people and organisations which will enable people with learning disabilities to understand and retain the information given in lengthy documents, and also allow companies to communitcate lengthy documents to a wider audience. Volunteers will have access to all of the resources required to translate documents as well as receiving ongoing support from the Living with Disability team. 

Mentor Scheme: This proposed scheme will match student volunteers with individuals in the community who have mental, learning, or physical disabilities and will offer individual support for things like starting university, socialising, job applications, applying for benefits etc. Student volunteers will be provided with training which will cover the logistics of the scheme, how to cope in difficult situations and a better understanding of how to communicate with people with learning and mental disabilities, as well as receiving ongoing support from the Living with Disability team. 

You will also be able to sign up to this scheme if you believe you would benefit from the support this scheme offers.

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