!!Lead Volunteer Opportunity!!

Embrace the power of giving back as our Lead Volunteer and make a meaningful impact on the community. Volunteering is not just about what you can do for others; it's an enriching journey that can transform your life. Our project's success hinges on a passionate lead volunteer - without you our mission stands still. Tailor your involvement - commit as much or as little time as suits you.

To take on this role email, and become the driving force behind positive change!


Knitwits is a free volunteer project for students who can charm the yarn, are itching to get stitching, or are hooked on crochet (get it?) - but who also want to make a real difference within communities. 

Knitwits is a fun and safe space where students of all needlework abilities can meet with nursing home residents and the local elderly community for some good, ol’ fashioned knitting and nattering.

As well as this, Knitwits members can also participate in several other fun charitable activities, such as knitting tiny hats for the Innocent Smoothies Big Knit, and knitting blankets and booties to donate to childrens wards or homeless charities!

Not only will this look great on your CV, but you’ll meet some characters with buckets of life experience, bridge the generation gap, and combat loneliness in the elderly, as well as get the oppurtunity to meet several other like-minded yarn enthusiasts! If this sounds like a project for you, you must be a knitwit too!

We will provide materials at these sessions (and tea!), however, feel free to bring along projects of your own. Keep your eyes peeled on here or our facebook page. 

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