Knitwits is a volunteer project for students who can charm the yarn, are itching to get stitching, or are hooked on crochet (get it?) - but who also want to make a real difference within communities. 

Knitwits is a fun and safe space where students of all needlework abilities can meet with nursing home residents and the local elderly community for some good, ol’ fashioned knitting and nattering.

Not only will this look great on your CV, but you’ll meet some characters with buckets of life experience, bridge the generation gap, and combat loneliness in the elderly. And to top it all off, we’ll donate all the finished projects – blankets, booties, jumpers, cuddly toys – to children’s wards or to homeless charities. If this sounds like a project for you, you must be a knitwit too!

We meet every Thursday 7-8pm in the SU where you can learn to knit and/or crochet, or come along to share your projects with others.

Thursday 31st January - SU 4th floor room 4E - 18:50 - 19:45

Thursday 14th February - SU 4th floor room 4F - 18:50 - 20:00

Thursday 28th February - SU 4th floor room 4F - 18:50 - 20:00

We will provide materials at these sessions (and tea!), however, feel free to bring along projects of your own.

Our volunteering opportunities will be on Wednesday afternoons, and our first session back will be on Wednesdays. Keep your eyes peeled on here or our facebook page. 

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