Cardiff Mobile Project

We are excited to be embarking on a new project sponsored by the Welsh Government and Cardiff Council to help create a Circular Economy and reduce waste. If we can make it work, it will be rolled out across Wales. And it's great that you might be able to help us do that!

The Cardiff Mobile Project is taking borrowing and repair to all parts of Cardiff. We've got an electric van, an online catalogue of items to borrow, partnerships with all the Repair Cafes in Cardiff, and all the tools we need. 

Now what we need is people!

If you think you could volunteer in one or more of these areas, please sign up and email to let us know what you would like to get involved in! 

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Ambassadors  - we need ambassadors to use items from our library for free! And then tell people about them, and us, on social media. 
  • Rep at a Repair Cafe - We need people to head down to one of the Saturday repair cafes in Cardiff and sign-up members/ loan out items / check in items. This would be on a rota basis, so you wouldn't have to give up every Saturday. 
  • Repairer - If you have some repair skills or want to shadow other repairs and upskill yourself, we have a role for you! You can join our mobile repair team for pop-up events, join an existing repair cafe or help at our Library mending broken items. 
  • Driver - we need drivers (to drive our electric van) for item collections and drop-offs. You will need a full clean licence and we may need you to have a few years driving experience under your belt. 
  • Event Volunteers - We need volunteers to help at pop-up events to promote what we do
  • Welsh translation - We are always needing social media and posters translated!
  • Social media assistance - We need some young people to help with/ do some social media for us. Particularly Instagram. 
  • Sorting donations - We need help at our lock up to get items ready for borrowing. This may mean checking them over, giving them a clean, logging them onto the system. Our lock up is in a container at a community centre, so you would primarily be working in the semi-outdoors. 
  • Steering group - Your knowledge of your local community can help us refine our product. You know better than us what items your local community would find useful to borrow/repair. And what barriers need to be removed to get them to do this. Could you be part of a focus group to help us do this? 


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