Greening Cathays Project

Greening Cathays Project

The status of this project is yet to be confirmed.

Cardiff University’s Greening Cathays project is working with the Cathays community, both locals and students, and Cardiff Council to bring neglected and run-down sites across Cathays back into the community by creating green havens. We hope to inspire members of the community, both young and old, to create nature friendly, community maintained spaces.

The project will be building upon the work of the amazing Pharmabees Project, which has created nature-friendly habitats across the city, including ones on top of four of the University buildings!

Recent studies have shown that time spent in green spaces engaged in activities like gardening, bee keeping or simply taking time to smell the flowers supports personal health, so by creating these green havens we can help to make Cathays a better place to work and live.

If you are interested in taking part in this project please sign up, and we will be in touch as and when there are updates available.


Please note, this project is not currently underway and by signing up you are simply registering your interest in the project. 

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