Flourish (Filming Project)

Flourish (Filming Project)

Project info coming soon 

Email Volunteering@cardiff.ac.uk for more details 

This project works with Cardiff Community Housing Association in their delivery of a 4 year project aimed to tackle in work poverty. They are doing this by meeting with members of the community affected by this problem and then finding simple community base solutions to help them overcome some of the difficulties that they may be facing.

This could be something as simple as how to afford for their child to get a haircut or where to take them during the summer holidays. The project works by giving the community the tools to solve these problems by themselves and by removing the barriers that are stopping them doing this.

Volunteers are needed to help document this process. The team are looking for some students to create a short film detailing the process and showing the positive outcomes of the community working together to tackle this film. The aim is that by the end of the summer we will have a short positive film showing the hard work that the community has been putting into this project. After this is complete, there will be plenty of other roles, these will be revealed as and when they appear. 

This is a great chance for those students looking to work in media, film/TV and journalism to gain some hands on experience. You can use any of the footage or images taken as evidence of work experience that you have undertaken and take this to future employers.

If you’re interested in the project then please sign up by purchasing your free membership and then you will be contacted by one of the team shortly about the project.

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