Wellbeing Workshops

If you are having issues with your wellbeing and would like some reassurance, these workshops have been specially designed for you. Take part online in as many as you feel are appropriate. 

We have pre-recorded a number of topics and have them on our Events page – if you take a look under the ‘Wellbeing workshops’ heading here you will see all the titles we have at the moment: https://intranet.cardiff.ac.uk/students/health-and-wellbeing/health-and-wellbeing-events

You can play them directly from the page.

Booking a place

Our current online workshops are pre-recorded so you can access these in your own time. The question and answer sessions run every Wednesday afternoon 14:00-15:00 on Zoom. You will get the most out of these sessions if you watch the workshops beforehand.

A PDF version of the workshop slides are available on request: please email wellbeingworkshops@cardiff.ac.uk.

Managing anxiety

This workshop is aimed at helping you manage symptoms of anxiety. It will explore what anxiety looks like and how it is maintained. It will then focus on strategies you can use to manage anxiety.

These will include tools for managing anxious or unhelpful patterns of thinking, exercises to relax when anxiety levels increase, and also ideas for changing unhelpful patterns of behaviour that maintain anxiety.

Managing depression

This workshop is aimed at helping people cope with low mood and symptoms of depression. We will explore what depression is, how depression can develop and the things that can maintain it.

We will explore strategies for improving low mood, including ways to manage negative patterns of thinking, ways to change unhelpful behaviour and ways to change your lifestyle.

Building emotional resilience and managing stress

Do you experience stress? Do you feel sometimes feel overwhelmed with student life? Would you like to improve your ability to cope with life’s challenges?

Emotional resilience refers to our ability to cope with or adapt to stressful situations. Naturally, in life adversity can affect us negatively – even the best of us. Resilience gives us the means to ‘bounce back’ from adversity, and the best thing is, it can be built, developed and learned.

Develop your self-awareness. Use strategies and skills to boost emotional resilience. So that no matter what happens in your life and what you are going through, you will be able to cope – you will be able to succeed.

This session was developed with Freshers in mind but is a great introduction to emotional resilience and managing stress for any student.

Brief introduction to mindfulness

This aim of this workshop is to provide a brief overview of what is meant by the term ‘mindfulness’.  The workshop will also offer tips on how you could be more mindful in everyday life as well as exploring ways to view your thoughts differently, so they have less impact on you.

Keep Safe Suicide Awareness

Keep Safe: Suicide Safety Skills for Students

Wednesday 24 February, 2021, 10:00-12:00


This is a 2 hour online student workshop that aims to provide you with skills to support somebody who may be at risk of suicide, and skills to look after your own mental health.

On completion, you will have increased knowledge, skills and understanding about: the myths and facts of suicide; the signs that warn that somebody may be thinking about suicide; barriers that may stop somebody from getting help; fears that may stop somebody from helping somebody at risk; how to use the ‘Look-Listen-Link’ Model to support somebody at risk; how to look after your own mental health; and the support services available at Cardiff University and how to access them.

This Workshop is suitable for:

  • Students who wish to build their knowledge and skills in this area
  • Students who are concerned about somebody else’s mental health
  • Students who are concerned about their own mental health
  • Students who have been impacted by the suicide, or the risk of suicide, of someone close to them
  • Students who wish to learn more about the signs that someone might be at higher risk of suicide

Please note: Due to the sensitive subject matter covered in this workshop, we recognise that this workshop may be distressing for some people. Please only attend if you feel comfortable to do so. We do not recommend this workshop for anybody who has been very recently bereaved by suicide or who feels this topic would be difficult to explore at this time. Please know that support will be provided to any participant who requires it.

Managing lifestyle

This workshop is aimed at helping you improve your wellbeing. It explores small changes that you can make to your lifestyle to improve your ability to look after yourself, achieve a balance in your activities, sleep well, be active and set realistic goals.

It offers a variety of strategies you can use to achieve these things, which can be amended to your personal preference and goals.

Sleep well

Everyone has periods in their lives when they have trouble sleeping, particularly during times of stress or anxiety, such as moving away from home and trying to cope with all the associated changes that involves.

Learning to relax and improve your sleep patterns will have many beneficial effects. Sleep will give you energy to tackle life – both during and after university. And taking control of any problem is an essential self-management skill that will stand you in good stead and give you the confidence to tackle issues you may encounter now or in the workplace in future years.

Coping with exam anxiety

This one hour workshop will teach you effective strategies to gain control over your anxiety, enabling you to concentrate and think clearly when studying for and sitting your exams.

Coping strategies that you learn in this workshop will stand you in good stead in the workplace. Working to deadlines, planning your time, and communicating well with others are all skills that many of you will use every day throughout your working life.

Gaining control of your anxiety will enable you to develop these skills effectively and thus improve your employability.

Watch brief video demonstrations

You may find it helpful to look at some of the following brief videos to support you in implementing specific strategies such as breathing exercises or relaxation techniques. These videos are intended to provide you with guided demonstrations of these techniques.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) is an evidence-based technique which allows you to recognise and relieve body tension as well as improve symptoms of stress and anxiety.

This short video will guide you through this technique. Practiced regularly, it may prove effective at improving your mental health as well as helping with aches and pains often experienced as a result of stress and anxiety.

Relaxation techniques

Learn five relaxation techniques to help you to manage stress and anxiety at University.


Pilates teacher Emma Carlson has kindly donated this film for Cardiff University students

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