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Well-being Workshops

If you are having issues with your well-being these workshops have been specially designed for you.  Come along to as little or as many as you like.

Breathe - Managing Anxiety & Stress - "Stay calm and take it easy"

This workshop runs each term and is aimed at helping you manage anxiety and stress. You will explore what anxiety and stress look like and how they are maintained.  You will then focus on strategies you can use to manage anxiety and stress. These will include tools for managing anxious patterns of thinking, ways to deal with difficult emotions and also ideas for changing unhelpful patterns of behaviour so that you can let go of stressors and anxieties.

Dealing with Examinations’ and Presentations' Anxieties (2 separate sessions). "Feel the fear and do it anyway" (Jeffers S.)

These workshops will teach you effective strategies to gain control over your anxiety, so that you are able to concentrate and think clearly when studying for and sitting your exams or giving a presentation.  Please note that the content is very similar in both cases and only one attendance counts as a unit in the certificate.  Students though are welcome to attend both if need be.  

Dealing with General Anxieties

This workshop will help you to understand the process that leads you into and maintains anxiety. You’ll be taught techniques and strategies to challenge, and regain control, over your worrying thoughts, so that you can get a healthier, more balanced outlook on life.

Introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy – “Accept the things you can’t control, and make a commitment to do what you can to improve your life”.

Are you doing your best to control things and to make life better for yourself, but sometimes feel that the more you struggle, the worse things seem to get?  Many people have found that their quality of life can be improved, and their suffering reduced, by using ideas and strategies taken from a Therapy called “ACT” – which stands for Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.  ACT utilises mindfulness and assists you in clarifying what you value most in life and setting goals based upon these. Come along to this 90 Minute Intro to ACT session to learn more about it and leave with some thought provoking and useable strategies.

Managing Anxiety & Stress – “Keep calm and carry on”

This workshop is aimed at helping you manage their stress levels.  You will look at what stress is and try to understand how this affects you in terms of thoughts, feelings, physical symptoms and behaviour.  You will cover strategies that will support you to recognise what triggers your stress and to manage stressful thoughts and feelings.  Finally, you will look at how to calm your stress levels through various relaxation methods, including mindfulness so that you can go forward with more peace and tranquillity in your busy routines.


Mood Booster - Managing Low Mood & Depression

This workshop is aimed at helping you cope with low mood and symptoms of depression.  You will explore the different types of depression people can experience, how depression can develop and the things that can maintain it.  You will explore strategies for improving low mood, including ways to manage negative patterns of thinking, ways to deal with difficult emotions and ways to change unhelpful behaviour.

Relaxation – “Chill out and take it easy” 

This workshop will introduce you to a number of strategies that can help you relax. Learning to relax and maintain a calm attitude towards the challenges of everyday living is a core self-management skill.  There will also be a chance to practice some of these strategies during the workshop which means that you increase your ability to handle workload demands, and positively manage working relationships in the future. 

Sleep Well – “Enjoy the land of nod”

When you’re stressed and anxious it’s perfectly normal for your sleep patterns to be disturbed.  For some people, sleep will naturally sort itself out when the stress is over or one gets used to the new routine or situation. However, for others your sleep may get ‘stuck’ in this disturbed pattern, increasing your stress levels and making it more difficult for you find the energy to get on with life.

The first part of this workshop will help you to identify different types of sleep disorders; increase your understanding of the effects of poor sleep and explore the physical, emotional, lifestyle and environmental causes of sleep problems.  The second part will focus on teaching you practical strategies and ideas on how to improve your sleep, including relaxation techniques, and recognising and challenging unhelpful expectations and anxious thoughts around sleep. It will teach you a technique to ‘retrain’ yourself to sleep properly and give you a series of useful ‘Sleeping Tips’ along with a list of books and websites for further reading and information.  Come along and learn how to improve your sleep patterns so that you can increase your energy and concentration to ensure you can handle the stresses and pressures of life.

Stress Management

This workshop is aimed at helping you manage your stress levels. We will look at what stress is and try to understand how this affects us in terms of our thoughts, feelings, physical symptoms and behaviour.  We will cover strategies that will support you to recognise what triggers your stress and to manage stressful thoughts and feelings. Finally, we will look at calming our stress levels and various relaxation methods, including mindfulness.

The Feel Good Factor – As James Brown sang “I feel good”

The aim of this workshop is to help you to develop skills and techniques that will enhance your self-esteem and increase your confidence.  It will to teach you how to tackle self-criticism, and negative automatic thoughts.  It will also help you to develop a kinder attitude towards yourself and to think in a more balanced way.  You will also be encouraged to think about your general health and well-being, and will learn some simple tips that will enable you to look after yourself so that you feel refreshed and energised.

Wannabe Well

This workshop is aimed at helping you improve your wellbeing. The workshop will be delivered by our trained student Wellbeing Champions. We will explore what wellbeing is and the importance of improving emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.

We will then focus on strategies you can use to strike a good balance, look after yourself and improve your wellbeing.