Wellbeing Workshops

If you are having issues with your wellbeing and would like some reassurance, these workshops have been specially designed for you. Come along to as little or as many as you like.  All workshops are of between 1 and 2 hours duration. 

Upcoming Events

Mood Boost - online  

This workshop is aimed at helping you cope with low mood and symptoms of depression.  You will explore the different types of depression people can experience, how depression can develop and the things that can maintain it.  You will explore strategies for improving low mood, including ways to manage negative patterns of thinking, ways to deal with difficult emotions and ways to change unhelpful behaviour.  Delivered by the Student Wellbeing Team in Student Support.


Improve Your Self-Esteem - "The truth is, you're a good person."

The aim of this workshop is to help you to develop skills and techniques that will enhance your self-esteem and increase your confidence.  It will to teach you how to tackle self-criticism, and negative automatic thoughts. It will help you to develop a kinder attitude towards yourself and to think in a more balanced way. You will learn how to manage interpersonal relationships more effectively by developing self- awareness, and communicating more assertively.  This workshop will encourage you to think about your general health and well-being, and suggest simple tips that will enable you to look after yourself.  It can support you in developing good interpersonal skills, teamwork and self-awareness all of which are competencies highly valued in the workplace environment.  Delivered by the Student Wellbeing Team in Student Support.

Making Connections - Overcoming Loneliness

In this online workshop, you will learn about the causes of loneliness, how it affects you and the ways in which you can overcome loneliness for a happier and healthier life.  This workshop will be delivered online and you will be emailed a participation link when you book your place.  Delivered by the Student Wellbeing Team in Student Support.

Managing Shyness & Social Anxiety

This one hour workshop will help you to understand the process that leads you into, and maintains, your shyness and social anxiety. You’ll be taught techniques and strategies to challenge and regain control over your anxious thoughts, enabling you to get a healthier, more balanced outlook on life.

Laughter Therapy As Stress Relief - "An effective medicine."

Laughing is an excellent way to reduce stress in our lives, and can help to cope with and survive a stressful lifestyle.  Laughter strengthens our immune system, boosts mood, diminishes pain, and protects from the damaging effects of stress.  Laughter draws people together in ways that trigger healthy physical and emotional changes in the body. Nothing works faster or more dependably to bring our mind and body back into balance than a good laugh. Humour lightens one's burdens, inspires hope, connects us to others, and keeps us grounded, focused, and alert. It also helps to release anger and forgive sooner. You do not need to be happy or have a sense of humour to benefit from a good laugh.  Laughter provides a full-scale workout for our muscles and unleashes a rush of stress-busting endorphins. Since our bodies cannot distinguish between real and fake laughter, anything that makes us giggle will have a positive impact.  Session delivered by Carol Young, a fully qualified Laughter Leader.

Indian Head & Shoulder Massaging as a practical therapy solution  – “A de-stress workout."

This practical workshop will teach you how to apply Indian head massage and shoulder massaging techniques to help relieve the physical symptoms of stress.  There will be hands-on activities in this session as you will be practicing the taught therapies on each other.  Session delivered by fully qualified therapist from Back In Action Physiotherapy.

Yoga – "Something that anyone can do, so come join the flow".     

The aim of this class is to let go, focus on the breathe whilst performing some stretches, postures and light flows. It doesn’t matter if you're new to Yoga or have undertaken it previously.  Just simply come in with an open mind and an open heart and take it in your own stride, there’s no pressure.  All we want is for you to relax and enjoy.  Please bring a large towel or blanket along as there will be floor exercises.  Session taught by Libby Robinson, a fully qualified Yoga teacher.

Self-defence Techniques - "Forearmed is forewarned."

The safety of our students is the number one priority at University.  Being aware of good personal safety, together with simple yet effective and easy to remember physical self-defence techniques is essential.  Unless one has been trained in basic self-defence techniques, it is more than likely a victim will react to a situation instantaneously or freeze in fear or panic. This session will cover techniques that can help you in maintain control of your personal space and avoid conflict, as well some simple defence against the most common attacks.  These include de-escalation tips, practical training in grabs, holds, knife threats, the importance of awareness and travel safety tips. Session delivered by Gareth Noble, a fully qualified instructor.

Employment Wellbeing - Rights & Advice.  "Don't be taken for granted."

Many students undertaking work have little or no understanding of their rights and thus risk being exploited. This workshop will take you through the essentials of how not to fall into such a trap as a student-employee and beyond University. Find out what a contract should entail, what constututes fairness, what benefits you may be entitled to and more so that you can not only earn that little bit of extra cash but have peace of mind too.  Session delivered by SDS staff.

Friday 14/02/20 5-6pm.

Financial Wellbeing -  "Look after your money, it's important; once it's gone it's gone." 

Everyone should be aware of financial risks and opportunities.  This session covers the concept of financial planning, understanding inflation and how it affects us personally, good savings habits, annual premium rates, savings and investments, equity risks and diversification and pensions and ISAs.  It will also provide some very interesting and enlightening ideas and is appropriate for you both now as a student and when you are in the real world.  Session delivered by fully qualified financial experts from Brewer Dolphin.

Monday 10/02/20 530-730pm.

Financial Security - Scam Awareness - "Don't be a victim."

Did you know that fraud and scams cost people in the UK £10.9 billion a year? This engaging session will help you spot the signs of common scams, so you’ll know what to look out for to stay safe.

Types of scams

Fraud and scams aren’t new, but advances in technology give criminals more ways to attempt to access your money. Getting to know the techniques they use can help you protect yourself and your money. We’ll take a look at some of the most common scams out there today, and discuss some real-life examples too.

Your digital footprint

Being online gives us access to endless possibilities, but in doing so we can often share personal information. Here we explore the type of data we’ve been sharing, and just how much it can reveal about us.

How to protect yourself

Now you know how scammers work, what can you do about it? Learn how to secure your devices and data effectively, as we cover practical tips to safeguard yourself. We’ll also run through the steps you should take if the worst should happen, and you think you’ve become the victim of a fraud or scam.

Thursday 13/02/20 530-0730pm.

Gambling - Overcoming The Addiction

  • What gambling is
  • Identifying harm
  • Getting help 

Tuesday 11/02/20 530-730pm.