Diploma Of Professional Development (DPD) in Leadership

Leadership skills are sought after by many employers; they not only show that you have good interpersonal skills, they also show that you have the ability to co-ordinate, motivate and shape a team. Entitled "Professional Development In Leadership," the Diploma is an "Apprenticeship-type" award for those of you who are in positions of authority for example, student executives, leaders or supervisors.  There are three levels based on the number of hours you can evidence: Pass = 50, Merit = 100 and Distinction = 200.

Please register with the Skills Development Service at SDS@cf.ac.uk before commencement.  We require your name, ID, role e.g. Lead Volunteer and the level you are aiming to complete.  Please note that there are only so many places available on the Diploma scheme so early registration would be strongly recommended. 

This below is not an exhaustive list and many candidates will be undertaking suitable roles outside of University and the Students' Union - if in doubt over whether you qualify, check with the Skills Development Service. We reserve the right to decline a role if it is not thought to be in the required category.

To enrol on our Diploma programme, please send in a short (300 words max) cover letter to SDS@cf.ac.uk outlining the following:

1) Why you feel you deserve a place on the programme, indicating your key strengths and areas you hope to improve on 

2) Your qualifying role(s) since September 2018 

3) Your student ID number 

4) Intended year of graduation

5) The level of award you are seeking e.g. Pass (50 hours)

The Diploma was a very rewarding experience, I learned techniques which I can take forward into my future career and professional development. Units were quite inspiring with a lot of very good advice and insight.

Diplomas are jointly signed by the University Vice-Chancellor and Students' Union President.     


  1. Attend and actively participate in 5 taught units and short follow up exercises in Leadership Styles, Leadership In Difficult Situations, Problem Solving, Teamwork and Team Briefings.
  2. Evidence 50 hours volunteering/work experience in an active leadership capacity = PASS; 100 hours in same = MERIT; 200 hours in same = DISTINCTION. Evidence can be back-dated where appropriate to September 2018.
    You can mix and match your experiences if appropriate in the above list rather than limiting it to one group of responsibilities. Record your evidence on the downloadable pro forma.  
    You can view a sample of how to evidence your experiences on the form here.  You need to itemise rather than summarise the work you are evidencing. This means listing them as the examples on the form show. Please note: A maximum of 8 hours can be evidenced on any one row.
  3. Attend and actively participate in a session on articulating and reflecting of knowledge, skills and experiences acquired and complete a refllection exercise.

How the evidencing of your experiential learning is processed:

a) Complete the form according to each role and add up the hours.
b) Send the form(s) to Diplomasubmissions@cf.ac.uk
c) SDS will assess the evidence according to authenticity and validity
d) If any of the entries appear "weak" or unclear e.g. not enough activities listed  against hours shown, the form(s) will be returned to you with appropriate comments for strengthening
e) Once the form(s) are considered authentic and valid we will send them off to your authorised signatories for confirmation that you were in the roles you stated and that they agree that you undertook the work being submitted
f) When we receive the form(s) back we will ratify the hours being submitted and advise you 

Workshop Dates - book at https://www.cardiffstudents.com/whatson/skills/

Leadership Styles - 01/02 5pm-7pm, 23/02 2pm-4pm and 10/03 5pm-7pm

Leadership In Difficult Situations - 03/02 5pm-7pm, 22/02 2pm-4pm and 11/03 5pm-7pm

Problem Solving - 04/02 5pm-7pm, 24/02 2pm-4pm and 09/03 5pm-7pm

Teamwork - 02/02 5pm-7pm, 25/02 2pm-4pm and 08/03 5pm-7pm 

Team Briefings - self-study tutorial. Please email SDS@cf.ac.uk for copy.

Reflection & Articulation - 26/02 and 12/03. Panopto link to follow