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Externally-certificatedCourses and Sessions

Seventy-five percent of firms agreed that more graduates should seek professional qualifications alongside their academic achievements to give employers evidence of their practical skills.  Indeed, employers welcome such external accreditation as this helps to demonstrate that students learn concepts and skills that are relevant to the world of work, meet professional standards and include ethical codes.

Emergency First Aid For The Appointed Person (1 session of 6 hours)

This course covers the essential basics in First Aid such as CPR, bandaging etc.  Certification (valid 3 years) is awarded upon successful completion of course activities and assessment.  £25 payable for tuition, resources and certification.  Course certificated by external awarding body.
1st Aid Course
Uusually most Saturdays in Autumn semester and selected Saturdays in Spring semester, 0900-1630. 
Provisional date Sunday 25 June 2017 subject to filling a course of 12 places.
How to book:

2) Choose your date and check space availability

3) Pay online by debit or credit card  
Clubs/Societies - it is possible to block book or maximise spaces on a particular course - please email Steelej@cf.ac.uk  


CIEH Foundation Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety.  

(One session of 6-7 hours) 
Content: Introduction to Occupational Health & Safety, Rosk Assessments, Common Workplace Hazards & Controls, Incident Reporting & Emergency Procedures.  Assessment: 20 multiple-choice questions. £10.00 fee payable for registration and certification.   Dates for 2017-18 to follow in due course.  
How to book:

2) Choose your date and check space availability

3) Pay online by debit or credit card 

British Sign Language Level 1

Wednesday and Thursday evenings 6-8pm commencing in 18 October until 7 December, recommencing 31 January 2018 and each Wednesday and Thursday evening until 8 March.  
Always a popular course providing students with the knowledge and practical skills in order to be able to communicate through the medium of British Sign, an officially recognised language.  The course is delivered by an external training provider.  There are three units and it is necessary to successfully complete all three for certification.  Courses fill up with “provisional” names in the previous academic year but spaces tend to become available closer to the start of the course.  


Tuition and resources - Normally £300.00 if attending privately via community-based learning.  Cardiff University students special reduced price 175.00.   

Assessments – 101 £20.00, 102 £35.00, 103 £35.00.  Assessments are not compulsory but the course is undervalued as a CV item without passing all three.  Students tend to opt to attain the full award.

QUALIFICATION – Course delivered by Community Learning Wales and certificated by “Signature.”  View the typical course content: British Sign Language Level 1 

How to book:

1) Email Steelej@cf.ac.uk to check availability and await confirmation of your place

The Pacific Institute® STEPS® to Excellence for Personal Success

(6 sessions of 4 hours usually over successive Wednesday afternoons)   
Hit an obstacle with an assignment?  Worried about your career after graduating?  Ever wondered how to raise your self-esteem and keep it there?  Have you been ridiculed or put down in the past that it colours how you view yourself?  If you’ve answered yes to any of these or would like to think in a positive way and change the way you live your life then sign up for The Pacific Institute® STEPS® course.
The STEPS® programme is designed to help you to unlock your potential by encouraging you to take a fresh look at your lives. It helps you to see how much you are truly capable of achieving and offers tools to help you make it happen. It enables you to realise that life is full of opportunities and shows you how you can pursue these opportunities with confidence.
Regarding employability, it enables you to take greater control of your work situation, to become solution focused. It also provides a common language of vision for achievement, which extends the range of possibilities for improving the quality of life, both within the workplace and beyond.
This would normally cost around £300 privately but we can offer it to you for £48.00.  All we ask is that you attend each session and actively participate in whole course.  
Course certificated by The Pacific Institute®
6 week course: Details to follow.  Enquiries to Steelej@cf.ac.uk                                                  


Dates to follow

Time of sessions: Day slots 0900-1100, 1110-1310 and 1410-1610.  Evening slots 1800-2000

£5.00 session fee payable.

1) How and in what ways people communicate with one another

2) Several British Sign Language signs

3) Guidelines for good communication with people with deafness or are hard of hearing

4) Course certificated by Community Learning Wales or Deaf Training UK – good addition to your CV

Bookings Here (You must be signed in and an SDS member to buy a ticket).


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