Motorsports Club

Club Champs Round 6

• Sun 08 March 2020 10:15-18:00

Club champs Round 6 - Hereford Raceway





We're spicing things up for Round 6 where we'll be heading to Hereford Raceway!

As the track is quite far away, we'll be going on a Sunday. This also gives us a perfect excuse to go for a lovely Sunday Roast on the way back to Cardiff (this will not be paid for by the club - soz!).

It looks like a fantastic track and is only one of two outdoor tracks on the calendar and the first one this year.

We'll be doing 45 minutes on track (not all in one go) so the journey will definitely be worth it. FYI this is normally £47!!! (and that's without travel)

Please meet at Lidl Cathays Car Park at 10:15 (this time may change so make sure to keep an eye out on the Facebook post)