Sci-Fi & Fantasy Society


Large Shandon Lecture Theatre - Main Building • Mon 09 March 2020 19:00-21:00

This Monday we will be completing lots of fiendish tasks for our Monday meeting, in true Taskmaster fashion. Our taskmaster has devised several ridiculous things for you to do in main building. So come along and try to beat the Taskmaster.

For this instalment of our weekly Monday meeting we will be making our own version of the TV programme 'Taskmaster,' in conjunction with the SU's Fringe Festival. If you haven't seen the programme the general idea is that the Taskmaster sets various tasks of different levels of ridiculous and participants will compete to solve them in the most inventive or fastest way. 

So come join us for our evening of ridiculousness to calm down after Nerd Varsity and have some less competitive fun!