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Japanese Society

Tour- Japanese Culture in Cardiff

Cardiff University Students Union • Wed 19 September 2018 12:00-14:00

For international Japanese students that are living and studying in the UK for the first time, it can be hard adjusting to British culture.

So to help cure that homesickness, and help you adjust, we are hosting a tour around Cardiff.

We'll go to a variety of places around the University as well as areas of Japanese culture around Cardiff.

We'll go from Japanese Restaurants, to Convenience stores, to Museums, and Markets.

You'll get used to Cardiff in no time and hopefully you'll find some of home here. And this will be a good time for you to meet other Japanese students as well.


This event is free, but it is advised that you bring money in case you want to buy anything during the tour.

The tour begins at the front of Cardiff University Students Union.