Major LAN Demonstration

4C/4D • Thu 13 February 2020 16:00-20:00

Here, we will be holding a LAN, with as many games we can offer, along with space for other things, whether it be for board games, your own games, or just free space where you can talk with others.

For our 2nd event, we want to hold a LAN, with many stations for many games. This acts as an introduction as to what weekly events will be like, and should act as a way for people to meet each other, and as a re-introduction for old members. 


The event will be running from 6pm - 8pm and will be held at the 4th floor at rooms C and D, with the event continuing at Gassys.


More details will be posted on the Facebook and Discord. P.S. Smash Tournament has not disappeared, it has been shifted to the 21st of Feb.


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